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Check out the new long pixie haircut 2014!

image of long pixie haircut 2014

You want something different from your life? You want something funny and something crazy because you are not so ready to grow up? We have the perfect modern solution for you and the time has come for you to say yes very loudly to the changes we are bringing, we are bringing Long pixie haircut 2014! Do you want more from your life?

Wonderful look!

Do you want to bring the fashion in your world and change it as you want? Today we are talking about all the things in the world you need if you want to be great and simple, the beauty lies in the simple things and we are here to tell you more about it if you are ready to accept the whole new modern world! Long pixie haircut 2014 will bring back the positive attitude about the life, it will shake you and it will bring the fun in your world! Are you ready for the best solution you can find today?

Time for yourself! Don’t wait too much!

We are ready to give you the best help and we are ready to show you all the examples and advices for the look you decide to have. No more sad faces, no more waiting, life goes on very fast, life is very complicated and you have to plan your time as good as you can. Why would you let your summer goes away when you can be perfect in just a second with our transformation? Long pixie haircut 2014 will be the secret of life you always wanted to know, are you ready to dance and play with your ideas. Are you ready to give the world a chance? Wake up the beauty queen in you and you will be proud on yourself!

Who Is Jessie J Boyfriend

Already a few months back is rumored that Jessie J has Jessie J boyfriend who is hiding from the public eye, her friends on several occasions that they confirm the tabloids, and is now reportedly discovered the identity of her new boyfriend in question is rapper and Jessie J boyfriend Tinnie Tempah. Some sources claim DailyMail that the singer Jessie J and Jessie J boyfriend rapper Tinnie Tempah related.

Jessie J smile

The two met last year at the event, which was organized. For the benefit of charities Teenage Cancer Trust and has since reportedly seeing each other. Jessie is, according to sources, very much in love and trying to spend more time with Tinni. Due to bad experiences of many of her colleagues, she decided that her love life as he can keep from the public eye. Continue reading

Richard Armitage Girlfriend Annabel Capper

Richard Armitage, the man who this year became known as the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit”, comes from the UK. He was born August 22, 1971, in Leicester, in the little drama family – his father, John, is an engineer and her mother Margaret secretary. Initially, Richard was drawn to music – whether playing instruments or a dance. In the early years of education of the future actor was just profiled in these skills (though some elements of acting too appear).

Richard Armitage

In 1988, at age 17, he performed for six weeks with a circus in … Budapest. After that, he returned to Britain, where he caught up to a few musicals. However, the musical “version” of his career, becoming less suited him. Continue reading

Celebrities Without Makeup

Every woman likes to pack up and leave pretty, but always have that day do not want to worry about anything. And with the famous story is no different. The only problem they face are many paparazzi surrounding them and end these moments, say, without glamor and celebrities without makeup … A case that happened recently was with actress Juliana Paes, who was totally caught without makeup on the day of his birthday. The artist, who was unrecognizable, came to be compared with the zombie series The Walking Dead. What do you think – is it so ugly?

Juliana no makeup Continue reading

Chanel holographic nail polish

You dream about nail polisher which would be unique and just as made for you? You dream about perfect nails, something no one else will have? I am here to tell you that you are dreaming about Chanel holographic nail polish.

Bring dramatic change in your life!

This is a solution to all your beauty problems, as a woman you must have some good ideas about your fashionable look, Chanel holographic nail polish are a good addition in search!


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Hairstyles for long hair 2013

This article is especially for women who have a long hair but don’t know how to wear it for next season. Hairstyles for long hair 2013 would be something specially and I’m sure that you’ll find inspiration from this article.


I must tell you that some haircuts that were popular in the past are coming back, and one great example is French twist. It’s favorite hairdos for women who are working in office, but many women and even celebrities wear it for special occasion. It’s ideal for these purposes and fashion Oscar de la Renta proved it. Except these hairstyles for long hair 2013 braided hairdos are trendy too. For next season, it would be more popular and almost all women who wear long hair should try it.

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Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Change the hair style for many women is always something special. If you like the hair to be cut from long to short, it can bring with it a lot of fun but can also be incredibly nerve-wracking. Let the imagination, cut the hair short can be especially daunting when you have the majority of your life worn long hair.
Short Hairstyles for Round Faces
There are many questions, especially when it comes to short hairstyles for round faces. How can you know in advance what you can afford good and fits what interface to your face? Short hair makes less work than long hair? And what if the absolute nightmare comes true and the short haircut is not to like? The following are some useful tips that will help you to make steps for step on the long path to shorter hair, especially when it comes to short hairstyles for round faces. Continue reading

Look cute thanks to pixie haircuts

The typical pixie haircuts have developed in new and funky ways in the recent years, the new trends that they are now based on having been set by celebrities such as Rihanna for example who wasn’t afraid of taking chances when it came to hairstyling. This is why you can now find pixie cuts that involve one side of shaved head and one regular one for example.

This type of pixie haircuts is meant to offer you a punk and edgy look but with a chic and feminine touch attached to it. Therefore, this kind of look has a bit of everything that a woman usually wants from a look: a modern cut, an interesting style and a good way of standing out in the crowd. Continue reading

Gets an idea regarding new color predictions?

Fashion magazines or websites

If you want to have the hottest manicures this year, you should keep an eye out for the new color predictions available. To do so, you can have a look through the various fashion magazines or websites available. The most popular predictions are usually noticed at fashion shows, being worn by the models that go on the catwalk.

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Achieve a beautiful manicure thanks to the Opi nail polish

If you haven’t heard about the Opi nail polish by now, it means you have definitely missed out on amazing manicures. Being affordable and involving a variety of collections and hues, Opi has become an incredibly popular in a short amount of time which proves the fact that it represents girl’s best choice at the moment.

New ideas and the latest alternatives

As soon as you enter the official Opi.com website, you will be greeted with tons of brand new Opi nail polish collections, which means that the designers behind this brand are constantly coming up with new ideas in order to keep women interested and offering them the latest alternatives for their manicures. Continue reading